Why we do it

Ever wonder, do other people think about things the way you think about them? Raw and Uncut is an informative comedy podcast that highlights and pushes the boundaries of social norms ranging from a variety of topics to provide a look into what other people think and keep you laughing.

In this podcast, we will banter and debate about topics such as daily life, dating, sex, and much more. Join us as we deep dive into some of life’s most interesting topics.

Our podcast is for Mature Audiences ONLY

Meet Randy

Randy is one of three friends who are pushing the boundaries of social norms and bringing them to you through this podcast.  He grew up in a small rural town middle of no where Pennsylvania but left home and gained many big city experiences while traveling around the world serving in the Navy.  Randy identifies himself as bisexual but is mainly attracted to men.  Being bisexual, he has experienced social norms of both the straight and gay world; which will lead to plenty of opinions and stories to share with his listeners. Randy's goal with this podcast is to engage it's listeners and inspire them to live life on their own terms; not being bound by someone else's social norms and boundaries.  So sit back, hold onto your cup tight, and enjoy; while Randy spills all the tea! 😈

Meet Meg

Meg grew up in a Military family traveling around the world but eventually settling in a small rural town, where very little happens and you are expected to act in a certain manner.  After high school, Meg went on to college and then joined the Navy; where her experiences really began to blossom.  As she explored her many options, Meg learned more about herself and what she wanted in life.  Now, she identifies as straight but with exceptions.  Ultimately she is in search of a poly family lifestyle.  Meg is not shy about what or who she likes along the way, regardless of the social norms.
"In life we deserve to be happy, if that takes more than one man so be it.  They are well aware and have a choice to join in or not as I break boundaries and press on with my happiness" 😈

Meet Izzy

Izzy is an award-winning world-renowned couch potato and inappropriate comment expert. Without hesitation, bringing his expertise up at the most appropriate time on the Pod. He is an introverted goofball that draws many of his stories from his experience as a Professional Truck Driver. His tales are induced with endless fun, at times scary, oddities included, and sometimes weirdly erotic.  Being part of the LGBTQ+ community, Izzy enjoys bending the rules and breaking the stereotypes of truckers like the pixie farting queen that nobody asked for but can’t live without.His travel has taken him all over the United States giving him a first-person view of different social normality based upon geographical shifts. If you’re curious to learn more then prepare yourself to dive into the chaotic mind of this introvert and a few of his tales on Raw and Uncut.😈